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JobDescription :

Purpose / Objective:

The Regional Analytics Sales Manager will lead the Analytics Sales team to achieve Net sales targets and customer satisfaction metrics established by management.

• Implement strategies that will help the team to drive retention levels to achieve or exceed targets set by management.

•   Implement strategies to drive sales of new logos for Analytics Sales.

•   Implement strategies to drive cross-sales of our full suite of analytics services across the entire Platts bank of business to improve deployment, improve retention and drive total ACV for Platts while continuously improving the customer experience.

Principal Accountability / Duty / Responsibility:

Manage the ongoing operations of the regional analytics sales team.

•   Manage the mid-term goals and deliverables for the team that align with the broader commercial organization. 

• Take responsibility for recruiting/retaining, coaching, mentoring and developing talent in the team.  Identify strengths and gaps within the team and implement the appropriate education and training to optimize results.  

• Ensure that the team develops and maintains strong client relationships.   This will require travel to key client sites to better understand client needs, build relationships, and close business. 

• Implement specific metrics and milestones to help the sales team to deliver results.  This includes, but is not limited to, client calls, client meetings, Sales opportunity updates through SalesForce CRM, and communicating with internal stakeholders in the Product and Analytics teams.

•  Cascade organizational goals and initiatives to keep the Analytics Sales team aligned with the commercial organization and with Platts as a whole. 

Key Accountabilities:

• Net Sales Results: Ensure that the Analytics Sales Team meets or exceeds the assigned net sales goal. 

•  Customer Experience: Ensure a customer centric approach by your entire team.  Maintaining and improve customer satisfaction.  Develop relationships and have frequent conversations with clients and prospects that contain valuable content and useful information for the client. 

•  Talent Management: Recruit, retain and mentor staff.  Manage and monitor individual staff goals and objectives and create employee development plans as required.  Ensure that hiring plans are met and that individuals are performing at maximum potential.  Be prepared to reward strong performance and capabilities, while at the same time making challenging and/or difficult decisions with regard to lower performing individuals.

•  Organizational Alignment: Cascade the goals and priorities of Platts through the Analytics Sales team.  Partner with the broader commercial organization as well as Product and Analytics Content organizations to ensure that we have a synchronized approach and one voice in the Market Place. 

• Sales Process: Ensure that a sound process is in place to guide all members of the team to achieve great results.  This includes achieving core metrics for calls, meetings, and CRM engagement as well as collaboration with other sales teams across regions.

Other Accountabilities:

• Meet or exceed sales quotas and goals

• Create a culture of product expertise, ensuring sales consultants understand the product, features & benefits, as well as, if not better than, the customers they service

•  Manage and track expense and travel budgets


• The Sales Manager has an associated regional revenue target of $X in net sales per annum.

•  The sales manager will look after a team of 8-20 experienced sales representatives (sales specialists).

•  Region covers approximately 200-500 accounts and more than 1,000 prospects.

Experience / Knowledge

•  At least 10 years experience in sales roles including 2+ years of experience in a sales manager role.

•  Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills as well as ability to articulate complex product information to sophisticated prospects/customers.

• Experience working with clients of different size and from different market segments.

• Strong leadership, people management, team building and cross-functional collaboration skills essential. Strong organizational and time management skills coupled with the ability to embrace change.

• Demonstrated forecasting and pipeline management capabilities in the CRM environment required.

• Strong creative problem solving skills.

• Ability to negotiate and resolve conflict.

• Ability to work collaboratively across operating divisions to serve the greater good of Platts.

• College degree.

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New York, NY US
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