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JobDescription :

The Role:                                              
As a research assistant, you will work in conjunction with, and in support of, senior analysts in preparing all aspects of credit ratings for U.S. public power utilities and transportation entities. This includes research of economic information, compiling financial data, analyzing debt statements, and identifying trends in the data that could have an impact on credit quality. Additionally, this role will contribute to the development and management of models and databases and contribute to research and data management for sector-wide credit reports and portfolio reviews. This position requires strong organizational, analytical, and quantitative skills. Attention to detail is essential.

The Impact: 
Your position as Research Assistant is critical to the process of providing a credit rating, as you will help to compile data and provide the first look and analysis of economic and financial health, and demand factors for the enterprise, and have the opportunity to identify its major strengths and weaknesses. Your research and support is essential to the senior analysts who are completing the rating.  Additionally, you will be expected to contribute to gather and help analyze data for trend analysis that will translate into published articles. Your position as a Research Assistant in the local government group will provide you with both a macro and micro view of what is happening nationally as it relates to the economy, debt, pensions and credit.

The Career Opportunity: 
A clear career path exists for moving up within the organization, which many Research Assistants have successfully used, by excelling in their work and showing an aptitude for analysis. We strongly believe that each analyst should be utilized at his or her highest and best use, which means that even at a lower title level, your responsibility has room to grow and is only limited by your own ability. 

The Team / The Business 
The Public Power & Transportation team has a strong collegial environment and friendly atmosphere; as a new analyst, you would be regularly assigned to work with senior analysts to improve your knowledge and understanding, and we would expect you to frequently ask questions of senior analysts, who are happy to oblige. 

A lot of the work is completed independently, but every rating involves a team of analysts, so teamwork is extremely important! The pace is fairly rapid, since a rating from start to finish takes about two weeks, and at any time any analyst is probably juggling numerous ratings; so if the thought of working on one report by yourself for months sounds boring to you, you’d like this environment.

 Your skills

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • A demonstrated interest in infrastructure projects and enterprises and how they work
  • Strong work ethic and ability to work well both independently and as part a team
  • Strong ability to work with financial models and data, including cash flow and credit models preferred
  • Must have strong analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Aptitude for and comfort with analyzing data
  • Excellent time management and ability to organize, meet deadlines, and multitask;
  • Strong computer skills, including Word and PowerPoint;
  • Advanced knowledge of and proficiency in Excel, including experience with visual basic/building macros, nested functions and pivot tables,  and ability to manipulate extremely large data sets


  • Prepare financial models by researching, analyzing, and incorporating updated information in regards to specific rated government institutions 
  • Monitor news information for rated government institutions as well as for the sector and market
  • Collect and manage large amounts of data for trend analysis
  • Assist analysts in financial data input, adjustment and data analysis
  • Ensure data integrity, data input completeness and accuracy
  • Assist senior analysts working on a wide variety of ad hoc projects including database support and market research
  • Collate material for management meetings, rating committee materials, reports and press releases.

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Centennial, CO US
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